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Spinal Tumors

Spinal TumorTumors of the spine are benign or malignant (cancer) and grow in the bone, nerves, or extra spinal soft tissues. These tumors may have started in the spine or traveled from elsewhere in the body (metestatic tumors).

The symptoms of the spinal tumor can involve back or neck pain (which may be worse at night), and neurologic symptoms such as numbness, weakness, or pain. Some tumors can destroy the bone and cause spinal deformity.

The various types of imaging necessary to fully visualize such tumors are CT scans and MRIs, as well as a CAT scan of the rest of the body to look for other possible tumors.

Once diagnosed, tumors can be treated thru surgical removal, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of all three. Surgery is most commonly needed when there is compression of the spinal cord by the tumor or spinal deformity secondary to a spinal tumor. Many research studies have shown that early surgical intervention dramatically improves both the patient’s prognosis and functional outcomes.

The treatment of spinal tumors involves the close organization of a team of spine surgeons, oncologist, and radiation specialists.

not intended as a substitute for medical advise.  Always consult your physician about your medical condidion.
Last modified: March 7th, 2011