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Posterior Spinal Osteotomy
An osteotomy refers the fracture in the bone intentionally caused by a surgeon in order to facilitate correction of spinal alignment. In cases of severe kyphosis, or spinal imbalance it may be necessary to break on of the bones in the neck thru an osteotomy to mobilize the spine and reestablish spinal balance. This surgical strategy must include a spinal fusion following the osteotomy. Patients with ankylosing spondylitis will often need such procedure to correct their severe cervical kyphosis. Such a procedure may take 4-6 hours and require a hospital stay of 5-7 days.

Pre and post osteotomy

These are highly technical and complicated surgeries only performed by certain centers in the country. This should only be performed by surgeons that are well trained in these surgical techniques. This procedure was developed in the last 15-20 years.
not intended as a substitute for medical advise.  Always consult your physician about your medical condidion.
Last modified: March 7th, 2011