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A Cervical Laminectomy is often performed for cervical spinal stenosis when there is pressure on the spinal cord or nerves compression secondary to spinal stenosis. A three-four inch incision is made on the back of the neck.

During this surgery the spinal processes and lamina are removed from the back of the involved vertebra. The goal of this procedure to create more room for the spinal cord. Though this surgical procedure can effectively decompress the spinal cord there is a concern that over time such a procedure can lead to spinal instability. A Laminectomy surgery is useful in elderly patients with a normal spinal alignment for decompression of spinal stenosis. In most cases however is preferable to do a laminoformaminotomy which involves a decompression thru a small bony window as opposed to complete removal of the bone.

not intended as a substitute for medical advise.  Always consult your physician about your medical condidion.
Last modified: March 7th, 2011