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Complex Cervical Deformity
Cervical Deformity Spinal Deformities can present in a variety of ways. We see patients that have several vertebral levels affected by complex spinal disorders.

As shown in the following presentations, patients will present with a loss of forward gaze, difficulty in walking, and an inability to rotate their head. These symptoms may result from spinal disorders such as spondylosis, "swan neck deformity", spinal fractures, tumors, infections, or following a posterior thoracic or cervical surgery.

Cervical 3D image
Using the advanced 3D imaging, the latest surgical equipment, advanced internal instrumentation, and spinal cord monitoring, these deformities can be surgically treated to restore the natural Lordosis of the spine. In most cases, the patient has less pain, is more functional, and has a better quality of life

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Cervical Thoracic Junction Deformity
Cervical Deformity Indications and Treatment


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Last modified: March 7th, 2011